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Product Selector Tool

Product Selector ToolIf your business relies on a consultative sales force, you need to arm them with the best information possible.  You want them to match your product’s unique strengths to their individual needs.  Perhaps even more importantly, you need them to respond effectively to the challenges presented by competitive products.  Flowtocol serves as a product selector tool that helps your marketing department accomplish these objectives.


Your marketing group can develop detailed product positioning guides, tailored to individual market segments or customer profiles.  In addition, you can create customer objection scripts that help your sales staff respond when the customer says “no”.  By also applying the Google G Suite integration, marketing can analyze real-world data from the sales force.  This will then allow them to continually improve their positioning statements and competitive responses.


You can also easily embed Flowtocols into your corporate website, directly providing your customers guidance on which of your products best fit their individual needs.  They will appreciate the expert advice.  As a result, your website will become their first stop in future buying journeys.


Product Selector Guides

Marketing can create online product selectors to help direct consumers to the right product. This is especially true for companies with a broad portfolio of offerings.  As stated in this article, people fear making the wrong decision when presented with too many choices.  Instead, create a product selector guide that limits the choices based on the their stated criteria.  Retailers can also deploy these guides in in-store kiosks to help direct consumers to the right product.

Matching Wine to Food

Selecting a Sailboat

Sales Positioning Aides

Sales personnel are sometimes unable to clearly articulate the advantages of their products. Flowtocol-based training aides allow product marketing specialists to clearly state these benefits and help the salesperson properly position the product to the buyer’s specific needs.  Roll one out at your next sales meeting.

Consultative Sales Example


Customer Objection Scripts

Selling starts when the customer says no.  Your sales force needs to know how to respond to customer objections like “Competitor X has twice the storage capacity” and “Competitor Y is half the price”.  Your marketing group can create Flowtocol scripts that provide the best responses to these objections.

Customer Objection Script


Product Discounting Policies

What discount authority does each sales agent have? Who must approve larger discount levels?  Are there special discounts for promotional products?  Does the discount level increase as sales targets are met?  Eliminate the guesswork and churn with a Flowtocol procedure that establishes the rules.

Distributor Discount Level