Managing Complex Procedures

Many companies struggle to deal with a world of increasingly complex procedures.  Standard text documents offer poor support for “if/then” branches.  And while flowcharts are a great mechanism to capture complex logic, many workers struggle to follow them.  Flowtocol provides a better way to manage these issues.

Turn complex procedures into simple step-by-step dialogue sessions.


Here is an example of a Flowtocol procedure. You create a webpage file with our FlowWriter tool – with no computer programming. You can then email it to your friends and colleagues or post it on your website. So click START to play with the example and imagine what you can build with Flowtocol.

Creating Flowtocols

Flowcharts are the most common way to document complex procedures.  But they can be painful to create.  Our authoring tool, FlowWriter, allows you to focus on the procedure’s content.  It automatically draws the flowchart for you as you go.  So making changes is easy.


Document complex procedures with FlowWriter

Running Flowtocols

FlowWriter translates the flowchart into a simple web page that walk users through the flowchart step by step.  They are shielded from the underlying complexity.  They simply see one question or instruction on the screen at a time, as in the example above.



Analyzing Results

If you need to capture your users’ responses, we also provide a cloud-based deployment option.  You can then create  reports that satisfy compliance requirements.  Or you can also analyze how well your procedure actually performs in the field.


Analyze user activity




Improve Organizational Productivity

  • Map out the most efficient way to perform a repetitive task.  Learn More
  • Create standard workflows for your company policies and procedures.  Learn More
  • Diagnose and treat patients more effectively.  Learn More
  • Create troubleshooting guides for service personnel.  Learn More

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Resolve customer questions and problems quickly.  Learn More
  • Create simple and effective product selection guides.  Learn More
  • Post product troubleshooting guides on your website.  Learn More

Adhere to Compliance Requirements

  • Improve compliance to financial & legal regulations.  Learn More
  • Standardize your company’s Quality System procedures.  Learn More



Ready to Get Your Complex Procedures Under Control?

Flowtocol is inexpensive no matter how large or small your organization is.  Any employee that needs to author Flowtocol procedures simply needs to purchase the FlowWriter tool ($9.95).  There is no charge for anyone to run any of the Flowtocol procedures that you create.  But some Flowtocol procedures in our gallery also require purchase.

If your organization needs a permanent record of Flowtocol activity, you will need to run Flowtocols under Google G Suite.  If you also wish to run reports on the recorded activity, you will also need to purchase a license for the reporting engine ($15).