Business Productivity

Simplify Complex Business Procedures

Complex business proceduresEvery business strives to be as efficient as possible. But complex business procedures drain employee productivity.  Flowtocol provides your organization a framework to map out the most efficient way to perform repetitive tasks.  This allows lower level employees to achieve more while also reducing the burden on senior level employees.


By integrating your company’s Flowtocol library into Google G Suite, management can analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of the procedures.  They can continuously improve them.  Managers can even see which employees might require additional training or support.  Flowtocol can automatically document records if compliance is a concern.


You can also extend Flowtocol-based procedures outside of the organization, to your suppliers, channel partners, and even customers.


Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance activities are often based on physical measurements such as tread ware or fluid levels. Flowtocols can provide clear guidance on when and when not to perform the actions.  This reduces unnecessary labor and material expenses.

Managerial Functions

Company managers, especially new ones, desire guidance on handling difficult personnel issues. Flowtocols can provide tips on handling difficult complex personnel problems.  Examples might include employee insubordination and sexual harassment claims.

FMLA Rules for Employee Leave

Consumer Self-Help

Posting Flowtocols on a company’s website allows its customers to perform self-help problem identification and repair. This both increases customer satisfaction and reduces internal labor costs.