Policies & Procedures

Corporate Operating Procedures

Corporate Operating Procedures - Improving EfficiencyBusinesses must comply with many external regulations and standards.  But they also develop many of their own internal corporate operating procedures that are equally complex.  Management generally posts the procedures on the company intranet where they hope they will be used.


Many of these procedures require complex “if/then” logic.  Flowtocol-driven procedures are more effective than documents whenever these conditional branches exist.  Consider a simple purchase requisition.  Most companies have different approval processes based on the cost of the item.  Flowtocol clearly lays this out for all employees.  As a result, you will see higher efficiency and fewer mistakes.


The simple question-and-answer format of Flowtocol demystifies complex and, yes, boring procedures that rarely get read.  As a result your organization will follow your procedures more often.  Moreover, your employees will take less time to complete them.



Emergency Procedures

What procedure must employees follow if the fire alarm activates?  Or if a physical altercation occurs between employees?  Or if a manager suspects illegal drug usage by an employee?  Instead of guesswork, Human Resources can document and distribute these procedures to the workforce.

Corporate Contracts

Which managers must authorize your firm’s various corporate contracts – supplier agreements, development contracts, product licenses, etc.?  And who needs to receive notification of the executed contracts?  Lengthy email chains often result.  So why not clear up the confusion?  Create clear and concise Flowtocol procedures that employees actually follow.

Purchasing Approvals

What purchasing authority is granted to each employee function and grade level?  If the requested level exceeds a threshold, which manager must approve it?  Post a Flowtocol on your company Intranet that removes the ambiguity.  Also, if an organizational change occurs, simply make the change in the Flowtocol file.


Sales Policies

Which of the company’s products require export control licenses? Which destination countries do order entry personnel need to worry about? What information must the customer provide to issue an export license?  While these are complex procedures, your organization has to get them right.  Use Flowtocol to make insure that sales personnel comply.

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