Lower Support Costs

Product Repair Guides

When a product requires repair, identifying the failed component is often a challenging task. Sometimes the repair technician will simply swap parts until the device operates correctly again. But this practice results in unnecessary material costs and wasted labor. These losses multiply for field service operations where the service technician must wait for the factory to ship repair parts to the site. Worst of all, customers become aggravated by excessive downtime of their device.


With Flowtocol, the product designers or senior technicians can write product repair guides to insure that service personnel follow the most efficient troubleshooting procedures. With Google G Suite integration, the Flowtocol data records can be periodically analyzed by the product experts.  They can then check that the procedures are as efficient and effective as possible.


Lower Labor Costs

Many companies wish that their front line customer service personnel could provide more support than they currently do.  Often they can perform “basic” operations like answering common questions or helping the customer try a few simple repair procedures.  But when these do not work, they must escalate the problem to a more expensive resource.


Product experts can instead write Flowtocol procedures to reduce the number of issues escalated up to them.  The experts are then freed to perform more productive work.  Lower cost labor resolves the problem.  Customer satisfaction also improves as their issue is resolved more quickly without having to re-explain the problem to multiple people.

Product Repair Guides