Create Guidance Tools

Product Selection Wizards

Businesses with broad product portfolios often find it challenging to help their customers, and even their own sales agents, with product selection. Product choices are generally based on a complex set of customer needs and preferences. Companies that therefore provide a product selector achieve higher win rates and greater customer satisfaction. Flowtocol can quickly guide a customer or sales agent to the best product through intuitive product selection wizards.


Competitive Product Positioning

Training sales agents and channel partners on competitive product positioning is a similar challenge. An effective salesperson needs to promote the advantages of their product against competitive offerings.  In addition, they must address the perceived strengths of competitive products. Your marketing department can also develop Flowtocols to assist with competitive product positioning. The Flowtocol procedure can prompt the salesperson to understand the important buying criteria and promote the advantages of his or her offering. It can also guide the salesperson on responding to the potential strengths of competitive products that the customer is considering.


Problem Identification

If you operate a spare parts or product service business, posting repair Flowtocols on your website will give your customers expert advice and quickly guide them to the exact problem.  You can even provide a link to the correct part to order once the Flowtocol procedure identifies the problem. They will then immediately realize the benefit of returning to your website for future repair needs.