Develop Standard Workflows

Making Workflows Efficient

In addition to complying with external regulations, many businesses develop their own internal policies and procedures. Many of these procedures have complex branches based on criteria like product type, approval authority, or transaction size.  But too often these workflows are poorly documented.  This then results in poor adherence and wasted effort.


Flowtocol allows an organization to easily develop efficient protocols for their policies and procedures, thereby making workflows efficient. By posting these Flowtocol procedures on their corporate Intranet, all employees will always be using the latest version. Satellite offices can also improve their efficiency by eliminating the need to call the main office for guidance.  Multinational organizations can even translate Flowtocols to other languages.


Automatic Documentation

Integration with Google G Suite provides several important benefits to the corporation.  The Flowtocol procedure automatically creates a documented record of each execution.  The organization also then has the ability to mine the data and further improve the efficiency and efficacy of their procedures.