Insure Regulatory Compliance

Create Regulatory Compliance Guides

Many industries are required to comply with defined quality processes such as ISO or GMP.  Flowtocol-based regulatory compliance guides provide tangible benefits for procedures containing conditional branches.  So rather than navigate a dry document, the procedural steps appear one at a time.     Users therefore make fewer mistakes.  Authors can also easily update them on the company Intranet as revisions become necessary.


Improve Efficiency

Quality experts often state that you cannot improve what you do not measure.  Flowtocol-based procedures provide hard measurement data for analysis.   With Google G Suite integration, a spreadsheet records each timestamp and user name.  You can then look for trends in final outcomes, aborted procedures, or total duration of operations.


Pass Audits

Quality records need thorough documentation so that compliance officers can easily audit them.  With Google G Suite integration, a spreadsheet records all user actions.  Flowtocol records provide detailed reports of each user action.  So your auditor will be impressed with your high level of organization.

Regulatory Compliance Guides