Improve Workforce Efficiency

Process Efficiency

Flowtocol can improve process efficiency for your organization in several ways.  In the first case, procedures that are performed frequently can produce substantial savings if they are optimized for efficiency.  Flowtocol records the current date and time each time the user selects an outcome.  This timing information can be very valuable for efficiency studies. Though Google G Suite integration, you can analyze the Flowtocol records to see which steps in your procedure take a long time to process or which branches produce inefficient results.


You can also use this information to assess the productivity of your user population.  Managers can identify those users that take significantly longer than their peers for additional training to improve their efficiency.


Emergency Procedures

The second case is the converse.  These are procedures that are only rarely performed, especially emergency procedures.  What should the restaurant staff do if the refrigeration alarm sounds?  What happens if an injury occurs on the job?


When these procedures are executed, users often must locate an obscure instruction manual or consult with a chain of co-workers. This wastes valuable time. Many times users will instead simply ‘wing it’. This then leads to mistakes and confusion, an even more dramatic productivity killer. Procedures written with Flowtocol instead provide an easy and understandable explanation for the user.

Process Efficiency



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  • Compliance Procedure