Protect Company Knowledge

Employee Knowledge Transfer

Many organizations find their most highly skilled and proficient personnel caught in a trap.  These domain experts seem to be the only ones capable of handling complex problems that arise on a daily basis.  The problems might include troubleshooting a product in the field, selecting the right product to match a customer’s needs, or correctly adhering to a company policy or government regulation.


Managers wish that its front line personnel could handle more of these activities themselves.  It would save significant labor expense.  Perhaps more importantly, it would free up their most valuable resources for higher value activities such as designing the next product or developing a new business strategy.


Protecting Crucial Information

Organizations are also at risk of losing crucial information when a key employee leaves.  Losing this knowledge can present a significant risk to its survival.  As pointed out in this article, organizations must document this critical knowledge as an insurance policy.


Flowtocol provides a solution to these problems by facilitating employee knowledge transfer.  Complex procedures can finally be documented in an efficient manner.  Management can then share them with other support staff.  Front line personnel will therefore be able to handle more work on their own, guided by the expertise of the domain experts.

Employee knowledge transfer



  • Troubleshooting a Defective Product
  • Compliance Procedure