Unlock the knowledge of your company’s domain experts

Enable your front line staff to do the complex jobs that only your company experts can currently perform.  Save labor costs and free up your domain experts for higher value activities.

Measure and improve your workforce’s efficiency

Create efficient, standardized processes to repair products, service customers, provide medical care, and more. You can even measure how efficiently your staff executes them.

Insure regulatory compliance and record keeping

Not only does Flowtocol help define standardized corporate procedures, the compliance record is created automatically as the employee executes the procedure.

Create standardized workflow procedures

Flowtocol procedures can drive standard workflow processes such as handling emergencies or adhering to corporate discount policies.  Workflows can even be passed from one individual to another.

Guide customers on product selection and problem resolution

Your customers will appreciate product selection guides that help them choose exactly the right product for their needs.  Better yet, post a problem diagnosis guide on your website and watch your customer loyalty scores rise.

Lower product service and support costs

Create problem troubleshooting repair guides for your service personnel, resolving problems quickly and effectively.  Eliminate unnecessary part replacement, lower service labor, and improve customer satisfaction.