FlowSheets Add On

The FlowSheets Add On allows users to enter Flowtocol records and save them in a Google Sheet.


Installing the Flowsheets Add On

The first step is to install the FlowSheets Add On into your Google G Suite account.

-> Open Google Sheets.

-> Click Add-ons in the menu bar.

-> Click Get Add-ons.

The Google Add on store will then open.  Enter “Flowtocol” in the search box and select FlowSheets to install the app.


After you have installed the app to Google Sheets, create an empty Google Sheet.  Then follow this procedure to make the Google Sheet a FlowSheet.

-> Click Add-ons in the menu bar.

-> Click Flowtocol.

-> Click Show App.

-> The app will now create a new worksheet called Logbook.  A sidebar will also be displayed that contains the FlowSheets app.

You are now ready to load some Flowtocol files and start creating records.



Loading Flowtocol Files

FlowSheets Add On

Now you need to load some Flowtocols into your Google Sheet.  The Gallery provides a gallery of Flowtocols that others have created.  You or others in your organization may already have created some as well.


In any case, you should copy the Flowtocols you want loaded to your Google Drive.  Then click Import and navigate to the location you stored them.  Highlight one or more Flowtocol files and click Select.  The Flowtocols will then be loaded into your Google Sheet and found under Select a Flowtocol.  









Running Flowtocols – The Basics

Flowtocol Sidebar



The Logbook

As you enter outcomes, the Flowtocol record is displayed in the Logbook sheet.  The date and time are automatically recorded.  The steps are also numbered in the left column.  If you want to back up and start again from a step, you will need to enter this number.

This is a “read only” worksheet.  Changing the information will have no effect in the saved record.

Flowtocol Logbook



The Toolbar

Flowtocol Toolbar



Flow Analyzer

The Google Sheet is effectively a database that captures all the records entered.  Flow Analyzer is the tool that transforms the records into useful information.  Explore the types of reports you can create in G Suite Integration.


However Flow Analyzer requires a separate license.  See details here.



Concurrent Users

You may want to make your Google Sheet available to multiple people within your organization.  This is a great productivity tool, allowing people to seamlessly hand off a record to a colleague.  But if two users simultaneously use the same Google Sheet, the Logbook will exhibit strange behavior.  Both users’ inputs will appear on the same Logbook.  You have a couple options:

A. Create a separate Google Sheet for each user.

B. Warn the users that the Logbook will not be functional when two people are concurrently using the Google Sheet.