Get Started

Create Your Own Procedures

Despite its power, Flowtocol is inexpensive.  If you simply want to create web pages that can be shared with colleagues or posted on your website, then all you need is the FlowWriter tool.   There are no limits or royalties on the web pages that you create.  You can freely email  them to colleagues, post them on your company website, or store them in a network folder on your corporate intranet.  The users of your Flowtocol require only a web browser to view them – no software to install.

Find Ready-Made Procedures

Flowtocol authors can of course create new Flowtocol files from scratch through FlowWriter.   But the Flowtocol Gallery also provides templates that help them get started.  Note that some of these templates require purchasing.  If you wish to share or sell your Flowtocol templates on our gallery, please email us for details.


The Flowtocol Toolset

Google Docs Integration

Flowtocol can optionally be integrated into the Google G Suite platform.  This deployment option provides some important advantages.

  • Multiple users can access the same Flowtocol record, allowing “hand-offs” to other individuals.
  • Each Flowtocol record is saved in a G Suite spreadsheet, allowing users to work on it over multiple sessions.
  • You can then analyze how your users actually use the Flowtocol.


In order to integrate Flowtocol into Google G Suite , you will need to set up an account.  Google offers several pricing plans for their G Suite.  Individual users can get a free Google Docs account.  Business user licenses start at $5 per user per month.  Each user will also need to download the Flowtocol Add On called Flowsheets.


To purchase the Flowsheets Add On, open Google Sheets.  Click Add Ons in the menu, then click Get Add Ons. Type ‘Flowtocol’ in the search box and click on its icon.