Integrating into Google G Suite

A Workflow Software Platform

Integrating Flowtocol into the Google G Suite platform creates a highly efficient and cost effective workflow software platform for your organization.   A Google Sheet Add On saves all user actions in the spreadsheet, allowing you to analyze and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your procedures.    In addition to providing analysis, integrated reports also provide documented records for compliance purposes.   Best of all, this powerful platform is extraordinarily cost effective.  Comparable systems are dramatically more expensive than ours.


Multiple Users & Multiple Sessions

  • The Google Sheet records all user selections and data entered.  This allows your users to come back later and complete them.  (If they were simply posted as a web page, the information would be lost once the user closed the browser window.)
  • Multiple people can access and work on the same Flowtocol record.  Let’s say your Flowtocol has an instruction requiring the Shipping Supervisor to perform the next step if the package value is greater than $1000.  The supervisor could receive an email notification, then access the open record to complete the procedure.

Analysis & Reports

  • You are able to analyze the selections that your users make, allowing you to assess whether your Flowtocol is achieving your objectives.  If not, you could modify the procedure and improve it.
  • You can also analyze the performance of individual users, detecting who needs additional training or support.  You can see who is taking longer than average or who got stuck on a particular step.
  • Documented activity records are automatically created, allowing management to create activity reports that serve as compliance records for regulatory bodies.


User Interface

The picture below shows how Flowtocol integrates into Google Sheets.  The Flowtocol app appears in the right pane as an add on.  As the user clicks through the procedure, the logbook data appears in the spreadsheet.


Workflow Software Platform


Workflow Software Organization

You can import multiple Flowtocol files into the a single spreadsheet.  This gives you the ability to organize Flowtocols, for example, per department.  One spreadsheet could contain sales procedures and another spreadsheet could host product service procedures.  You could even set up file sharing within the Google sheet to provide access only to members of the appropriate department.

Available Reports

All the user activity is logged into hidden sheets within the spreadsheet.  This then allows you to create reports that satisfy compliance requirements or analyze how well your Flowtocol is performing.



Activity Report

The activity report is a Google Docs file that lists all the steps that the user selected.  Each step includes the user that made the selection and a time stamp.  You can export Google Docs as PDF files, email them, and print them as with any other standard document.


FlowSheets Activity Report

Step Analysis Report

The step analysis report provides statistics on what selections users chose for each step, including how many people terminated the procedure at that step.  Each outcome includes timing statistics on how long it took users to make that selection.

FlowSheets Step Analysis

Flowtocol steps can optionally be configured to enter a number rather than a list of outcome choices.  By doing so, you capture all the numerical data.  The step analysis report will present a histogram of numerical entries in addition the outcome distribution and timing statistics.


FlowSheets Numerical Analysis

Path Analysis Report

The Path Analysis report lists every possible pathway in the Flowtocol leading to a terminating step.  It shows how many records followed that sequence, as well as the timing statistics from start to finish.


FlowSheets Path Analysis

Data Export

The data export report creates a Google Sheet containing columns for each step in the Flowtocol.  The report captures all user comments.  The Flowtocol procedure can request that comments record additional free text information, such as a customer name or a product model number.  Comments also provide feedback from the user to the Flowtocol author, such as “Not sure what this means”.


Numerical entry steps display all the data that was entered in case you wish to perform further statistical analysis.   List selection steps present which the selections users had chosen.