Quality & Compliance

SOP’s for Quality Control

SOP's for quality control

Many industries require compliance to defined quality processes such as ISO or GMP.   Flowtocol can make these SOP’s for quality control more efficient and effective.  Employees will make fewer mistakes with the simplified procedures.  In addition, management can easily update the procedures as required to keep everyone current.


Quality experts often state that you cannot improve what you do not measure.  Flowtocol-based procedures provide hard measurement data for analysis.  Flowtocol software records a time stamp and username with each user action.


With Google G Suite integration, you can look for trends in final outcomes, aborted procedures, or total duration of operations.  Quality records also must be well documented to survive audits by compliance officers within the company or by outside agencies.  G Suite reports provide detailed activity of each user action.


GMP Compliance

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance requires well-defined and controlled manufacturing processes. Some GMP procedures, such as when to issue a product recall, must factor in a complex set of  conditions.  These procedures are prime candidates for a Flowtocol-based implementation.

ISO Compliance

ISO-based quality management systems require both well-defined SOP’s for quality control and easily auditable records. Flowtocols provide an excellent documentation record of complex actions.

Consumer Safety

Consumer safety procedures in restaurants and factories are often executed by less experienced personnel with generally high turnover rates. Flowtocols provide clear directions easily followed by inexperienced employees. Moreover, Flowtocol software automatically generates documented records for safety audits.